Living in a new country is full of pitfalls. I’m here to help. My clear,
honest legal and tax advice will help you avoid potential problems in Portugal and save you money.

Make yourself at home in Portugal – legally.

You may be an ex-pat who has recently arrived in this country, so let me say, “Bem-vindo a Portugal!”

Everyone who visits our country notices that we are a friendly, tolerant and welcoming people. We try to be polite and helpful to everyone, even if they only speak a few words of Portuguese. It’s not the easiest language to learn, but I encourage you to try.

Until you are fluent – and that could take a few years, you will need multi-lingual friends and professionals like me, especially to explain our laws. I speak Portuguese, French and English and can translate between any of these languages to explain every document and procedure you will need.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help about legal matters – things like becoming a resident, buying property, paying taxes, importing vehicles, running a business, resolving disputes, and making a will. These are very important, so don’t take risks. Get the facts.

Very few Portuguese lawyers focus on providing the particular services ex-pats require. But I do. My work concentrates on your special requirements. You can rely on me to inform you correctly, protect your interests, and help you to become a successful member of our community.

I travel throughout Central Portugal, and I have an office that’s easy to find. So, anytime you want to talk or meet, simply phone or email me and let’s get you started on the right path for a happier life.


Renato Dias, Advogado


I have recently met and received services, regarding the legal minefield that is relating to a bereavement, from Renato Dias.
May I say that all processes were dealt with in a timely and sensitive manner.This has been a great help to me, as an Englishman with little spoken Portuguese.
I would like to thank Renato and recommend that you speak to him for any of your legal requirements.
David Clancey. Graça

Dave Clancey, Graça

You recently helped us through a rather complex purchase of a house that had five owners, no registration, and no real estate agent. You managed to get all parties on board, all documents signed and pulled an ace out of your sleeve when we were thrown a curve ball just days before the final escritura signing. Over the time, we have got to know you and will certainly be using your services in future as we negotiate all the legal ramifications of becoming Portuguese citizens. Thank you again, Renato. Scott and Lynn, Madeirã

We are delighted that, following your long and complicated negotiations for us, the property purchase has now been completed. Thank you for your diligence and hard work – particularly as much was attended to during your Christmas holiday. You can be sure that, should we have further legal matters in Portugal, they will be in your hands. Regards, Reverend Don and Mary Wittich, South Africa.

“We appreciate your hard work to secure our Non-Habitual Tax Status. It’s a shame so many ex-pats miss out on 10 years of tax savings, but not many lawyers or accountants seem to know how to apply successfully. Muito obrigado, Renato

J. & K. Irwin, Figueiró dos Vinhos