Criminal Law in Portugal 1If you are arrested or invited to go to a police station to be questioned, before you make any comment or statement, it is your right to have legal representation present to support and advise you.   If possible, contact a lawyer before you go to a police station, so you can be informed of what to expect, and your rights. It is advisable to make use of an advogado as we are more qualified to represent you in court, should this be necessary and can do so up to the highest court in Portugal.

If you need to go to Court your Advogado will:

  • Gather and present the evidence to support your case.
  • Where appropriate, consult other lawyers.
  • Represent you and your case in Court, and where appropriate, consult technical expertise or arrange for a specialist criminal lawyer to represent you if the paricular needs of your case make this advisable.

Domestic Conflict or Violence. For example:

Criminal Law in Portugal 2It can be difficult to ask for help at a time when emotions run high. Many families argue, and then become friends again. But if you have a partner, a parent, another relative or person sharing your home that continues to abuse, threaten or cause actual harm – either mental or physical – to another individual, you should reach out as soon as possible to someone outside who can be objective and sensitive to your needs. Your doctor, priest, a teacher or a lawyer can all help in different ways.

Anger, aggression and shouted insults or threats day after day create a harmful environment that will affect everyone involved – especially innocent children who may find themselves caught between adults in conflict. These children feel confused about what’s going on, frightened for themselves and for their parents, and may even worry that they themselves are the cause of all the trouble. This bad experience can damage them for life. So please don’t keep silent.

If you are suffering from domestic conflict or violence at home and need legal advice or representation, please be assured  that I will do my best to help you and guide you. Find out now what options are available to you and your family. Take the first step toward a fresh start and a happier, safer, more peaceful life. Phone me today.

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