For the issuance of a Portuguese driving licence the applicant must go to their nearest IMT centre with:

  1. Original driving licence.
  2. (a) A medical certificate issued by your doctor proving your fitness to drive. (b) A favourable psychological assessment certificate issued by any psychologist in the exercise of their profession, for Group 2 drivers: drivers of vehicles of categories C, CE, D, DE, categories C1, C1E, D1 and D1E as well as drivers for categories B and BE engaged driving ambulances, fire vehicles, transport of patients, school transport and passenger car rental passenger.
  3. Proof of residence. (a) Whether renting or owning the property you reside in, it a requirement by law you be in possession of a resident’s certificate issued by your local Municipality. (b) In the case of renting a property a copy of your rental agreement with the owner. (c)An electricity account having your address on the invoice.
  4. A Portuguese tax identification number.
  5. Your passport
  6. A completed form: Modelo 13 IMT.

You must present the originals of all of the above with a set of photo copies.

Your photograph and signature will be recorded electronically by the IMT.

A fee of €30 is payable in cash.

You will be given an A4 copy print out of your temporary Portuguese driving licence which must accompany you at all times when driving. Your plastic driving licence will be sent to you by registered post.

Here you can see a guide on how to complete Form Modelo 13 IMT and also download the FORM.

Form Modelo 13 IMT Portugal