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4th Oct 2016

You’ll find the Toll Roads in Portugal are modern, well serviced, and apart from peak holiday season around Lisbon and down to the Algarve you’ll find them relatively quiet when compared to the autobahns of northern Europe.

Types of  Toll Roads in Portugal.

Via Verde Lane / Toll Gate

Gated-Toll-Roads: At the entry point to the toll road you will find the majority of lanes are gated and have a machine from where one can collect your toll-ticket. If your vehicle is not fitted with a Via Verde Device you must make use of one of these “ticket lanes” 
On exiting a gated toll-road present your ticket to the toll-booth clerk and pay the fee using cash, a credit or debit card or debit card validated for use in Portugal.
Note: At entry and exit points of a gated-toll-road you will also notice the left hand lane is marked with the Via Verde logo and is not gated. This lane is strictly reserved for those vehicles fitted with the Via Verde Device. 

Via Verde Gantry with Scanner

Overhead Scanners

Non-Gated-Toll-Roads: Not all toll roads have Toll Gates but, this does not mean that you can skip paying the toll fee. Both gated and non-gated toll roads monitor all traffic from cameras mounted on overhead gantries spanning the road.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you pay any toll fees that are owing within five days. Failure to do so will lead to you being billed plus additional penalty costs.


Toll Fee payment options for Portuguese registered vehicles:

 1.  Via Verde Device 

For vehicles not fitted with the device:

 2. Payment by cash, credit or debit card

 3. Post Payment

 4. Multi Banco Payment

For visitors to Portugal using hire cars: Most rental companies will offer you the add-on rental of a Via Verde electronic device for convenient use of Toll Roads and toll fees will be charged direct to your credit card.

Toll Fee payment options for foreign registered vehicles:

1. Via Verde Temporary Device (Pre-paid option for Visitors to Portugal)

For vehicles not fitted with the Device.

2.  Toll Card

Virtual Pre-Payments

Pre-Defined Paths

If you are  a self driver visitor to Portugal can buy the Via Verde Device from any Post Office (CTT) at a price of €29.50 including VAT. You will need your Passport or EU ID card and to complete a registration form. You can make pre-payments to load your account with credit. The minimum credit balance acceptable is €25. It takes a maximum of 48hours to activate your account.

You can further load your device with credit by making payments at any Post Office (CTT) or by using any ATM in Portugal (under the “Payment for Services” option) using your Via Verde account number.
7.Via Verde devices can be bought or rented at any CTT Post Office in the country as well as all Via Verdes stores and many service areas. The service centers are usually contained within a toll route and allow you to rent the device with cash. There’s a weekly rental cost (currently 6 Euro the first week and 1.5 Euro each week after plus a refundable deposit). The rental is only valid for 90 days unless recharged before that time.

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