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5th Oct 2016

Each adult immigrant is allowed to import to Portugal one motor vehicle, free of import tax, subject to the following criteria:

  1. 1. The vehicle must have been registered to the importer for at least 12 months, in the country of origin, before importation to Portugal.
  2. 2. The vehicle should fully comply with the manufacturer’s standard.
  3. 3. Should any alterations or modifications have been made to the vehicle´s structure or functionality; e.g. fitting of a tow bar. It must be a suitable model from an approved manufacturer.
  4. 4. The matriculation process for the imported vehicle must be initiated within 6 months of the applicant being granted residence.
  5. 5. Road tax is calculated on engine size & emissions and priced as per a new car on the date of matriculation not on year of manufacture. If you do go the tax free import route, you are not allowed to sell the car for 5 years unless you repay the tax you’ve avoided on a pro rata basis i.e. 20% per year.
  6. 6. If you pay the import tax, it is calculated on age of vehicle, engine size & emissions not on value & is often VERY expensive, especially for cars with large engines/high emissions & some cars can cost in excess of €20k.

When you have transferred your residency to Portugal you can then apply to you home country’s embassy for an importation certificate for the vehicle you wish to import into Portugal.

British subjects can find information at:

Portuguese Form Modelo 9 IMT>>

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