Personal Injury Claims

Life is full of risks, and here in Portugal, there are times when it may seem a few extra ones have been added just to keep you on your toes! Unfortunately, sooner or later, we all have accidents or get hurt – hopefully not seriously. And if it was a situation caused purely by our own carelessness or inattention, we write it off as a bad day and move on.

But sometimes we are the victims of circumstances others have caused. You get food poisoning in a restaurant because of poor hygiene. You slip on a pool of water left on the supermarket floor and break your arm. You buy a faulty electrical appliance that gives you a nasty shock. Let’s not dwell on all the painful things that could happen. The point is, that if you get hurt in Portugal because of someone else’s negligence, you need help from a Portuguese lawyer like me in order to evaluate the strength of your case and then, if possible, to claim compensation.

Personal injury claims in Portugal must navigate a complicated process, so you should:

  1. Seek assistance quickly. There may be a legal time limit on your opportunity to make a claim. Also, as the days go by, useful evidence may disappear or be forgotten.
  2. Document what happened to you and be ready to present as much evidence as possible – a witness statement, a few photographs, the faulty product itself, a lab report about the poisoned food bacteria, and so on.

Here are some of the problems that give birth to personal injury claims:

* Road and transport-related accidents

* Slips, trips and falls

* Equipment sold or hired without correct safety features

* Exposure to hazardous substances

* Defective products

* Food-related illnesses or injuries

* Industrial or work-related illnesses or injuries

* Medical, clinical and service-related negligence

Whether you are on holiday in Portugal or live here permanently, the law is here to protect you. And I am here to advise and help whenever you need me.

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