For Portuguese Registered Vehicles Only:

The Via Verde Device saves you time and effort. When arriving at a gated toll you have two type of lane choices. road you will see several lanes, the majority of which you drive in the designated Via Verde lane and thus avoid delays at the manual toll booth lanes. The scanner detects your device and logs any fees used to your account. When driving on non-gated roads your toll fees are again automatically registered.

Note: If you vehicle is not fitted with the Via Verde Device you must not use this lane

The Via Verde Device can be purchased at any Post Office (CTT) at a price of €29.50 including VAT. You will need your Passport or EU ID card and to complete a registration form to open an account with Via Verde.

Option 1 – Account debit. This is the most convenient method. The Via Verde Device is linked to your vehicle registration number and your Via Verde Account is linked to your Bank Account. Any toll fees you incur are automatically collected by bank debit from your account.

Following the opening of your Via Verde account you must activate the account by  going to an ATM by following these steps: 1. “Payment of Services” > 2. “Transportation” > 3. “Green Road” > 4. Activation ( enter the activation code)

Option 2 – Pre-loading with credit:  Used when the Via Verde Device is linked to your vehicle registration number but your Via Verde account is not linked to your bank account for automatic debit. With this option you pre-load your account with credit. The minimum balance amount allowed is €25.

Payments can be made at any CTT (Post) Office or via ATM by following these steps: 1. “Payment of Services” > 2. “Billing Reference” provided at the time of membership

The minimum loading amount is €10. Charging from an ATM can take up to 48 hours.

Option 3 Pre-Payment Anonymous. The driver has the option of buying the Via Verde Device and pre-loading it with credit. The Via Verde Device does not have to be linked  to any particular vehicle registration number thus allowing the driver to make use of the device on any vehicle providing it is of the same class.

The minimum amount of credit you can load is €10 and this can be made at any CTT (Post) Office, Agent or ATM (under the “Payment for Services” option. Please note payments made by ATM can take up to 48 hours to reflect on your account.

Toll fees are automatically debited for each trip and an SMS is sent to the client when the minimum balance reaches less than half of the minimum balance allowed. In case of cancellation of the payment account, the remaining balance is not returned to the holder, reversing in favor of Infraestruturas de Portugal, SA.

The balance of the Temporary Device has a validity period of 90 days, the count of which restarts whenever the Customer carries out a new minimum pre-loading and provided that it occurs before the expiration of that period. If you do not pre-charge within 90 days, you lose the balance. After this period, the DT can be reloaded with the minimum amount (10 €) allowing its reactivation for another 90 days with the balance equal to the loading done.