multibanco 1

To pay using Multi Banco.
You can request a MB reference number online or via SMS. You will have to provide your NIF number if you want this to reflect on your invoice.

You can SMS the number 68881 with the text, “CTTMB followed with your vehicle registration number and your NIF” e.g. CTTMB XX-YY-ZZ NIFNUMBER-

Your will then receive an SMS showing the Toll Fee Owed data and the deadline for making payment. The cost of the SMS will be €0.30 plus VAT at the current rate.

When making payment by Online Banking or at an ATM: Select Payments followed by Payment of Services. Enter your data in the respective fields.
1. The Entity: 21154 (CTT Correiois de Portugal SA)
2. The reference number provided by CTT for each licence plate
3. The amount to be paid in € (which will include tolls plus administration charges)
4. You will recieve a confirmation of payment SMS within 48 hours with reference number to obtain an invoice.